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  • Avoid Touching Public Surface-The no touch door opener tool helps us avoid direct contact with unhygienic surfaces of public facilities like restaurant doors, public tablets, flush toilets switches, etc. The key door opener tool has become an essential part of daily life, helping to keep our hands hygiene, protect ourselves and our families, ease the stress coming with the infectious disease and lower the risk of spread.
  • Widely Used- This no-touch keychain tool can be used as a button pusher, touchscreens, bottle openers, stylus pen, etc.; Using the door key you can lock and unlock doors, press keypads, sign name touch screens, use the ATMs, touch the elevators, open the trash bins, flush the toilet, turn on/off the tap, etc.; This no-touch tool helps reduce washing hands or wiping hands with paper towels, keeping our hands hygienic and saving money for tissue.
  • Mini Size and Lightweight- Each of the door handle hook openers only weights less than one ounce, you can barely feel the weight in your pocket or purse; When you are out and about, you can easily slip the touch-free key in a pocket or purse and use it in the supermarkets, elevators, gas stations, washing rooms or anywhere with handles, buttons, switches, touchscreens, etc.; it’s a great every day carry tool and ensures you protect yourself as much as possible.


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